Android trick: Press a word to search Google Chrome


In recent years, Chrome has become a favorite web browsers. Despite their high consumption of RAM, known compensate with great features such as synchronizing data between devices. Looking to become the most comprehensive mobile browser also, we bring you a little trick to search Google, specifically in the latest version of Chrome.

Even faster searches for Chrome

In the past Google I / O, Google introduced us as new feature for Android M  Google Now on Tap , a new twist to Google intelligent assistant. In the renewal of this application, Google Now will be able to read what we have on display and ready cards for us, just letting button pressed  home in any application.

Today we discovered in the latest version of Google Chrome a new trick, keeping resemblance to Now on Tap, at least in terms of implementation and results are concerned. Since the latest  stable  Chrome, we can search for words that we are just touching.

How do we use this trick to search on Google?

And as we do? The first will be completely updated Google Chrome (if you do not appear upgrades, you will receive in brief) and get to surf the Internet. As we find a word that causes us curious just  have to hold your finger on the word .

Once pressed, will appear us a menu at the bottom of the screen with the word that we have selected, then touch on that surface to see the search results. The first time you run this function, Chrome will ask permission to use it, but other times simply touch and look, that quick and easy.

I remember that while it appears that Chrome is updated, it is possible that you have not yet reached this version , because sometimes it can take in showing the latest version available.

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