Android O emoji will be blob-free

Emoji are getting a major overhaul in Android O, which is set to launch later this year.

While Google had time to announce a lot earlier today, they probably didn’t feel like it was necessary to talk about emoji while on stage. But for anyone who hasn’t necessarily been a fan of the blobs that have run rampant on the Android platform for years, this is a change worth taking note of.

Android O is getting updated emoji, and new emoji altogether. The platform will be the first to adopt Emoji 5.0, which means new additions like a vomit face, an orange heart, and even dinosaurs will be making the list later this year.

The biggest news though is that the blobs, or thumb-looking emoji, are getting the boot and are being replaced with more traditional-looking characters. Here’s an example:

Android O emoji

There are changes across the board for emoji on Android O, and considering how important emoji have become to conversations, it’s a welcome alteration.

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