Android Nougat’s final Developer Preview is now available

The public build-up for a new version of Android has grown drastically over the years. In the past, it was relatively secretive, with most testing happening behind closed doors. Today is a vastly different story, with Google publicly testing new versions of Android before they’re released. The primary method of testing is through Developer Previews, which are early versions of the updated OS that generally aren’t quite stable. Google collects feedback and uses that to improve the update and work out the bugs until a final version is ready.

Today brings us the final Developer Preview of Android Nougat, the next update to the world’s largest mobile OS. This version quashes most existing bugs, with Google noting some specific errors or stability issues that are still present. There aren’t any new additions, which is to be expected from a final preview. One interesting factor is that the Android version has been changed to Android 7.0 with this update, signalling that it’s a significant update.

Remember that developer previews are not stable and flashing is done at your own risk. If that all sounds dandy to you, you can learn more at the source link below.

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