Android M preview features dark UI theme

With the switch to Lollipop and Material Design, Android suddenly became whitewashed. All the menus were light-colored and bright, something a lot of people didn’t appreciate. I’m one of them, and I still haven’t really grown to like the white menus used in Lollipop (and TouchWiz for the last year). But for those of you who are flashing the new Android M Developer Preview, there’s a little treat for the dark UI purists.

If you enable developer options, there’s a new menu to select the theme for your System UI. You can choose the stock light, the new dark, or automatic (which probably changes the theme based on time or light sensor). The dark theme is quite nice looking, with gray colors (no deep blacks). It only changes the basic System UI elements, like Settings, but won’t affect apps.

Hopefully this becomes an official feature of the final Android M release. Or at the very least, I hope it will remain a developer option. It’s nice to finally get away from that glaring white.

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