Android for Work app launched by Google

After debuting the Android for Work initiative back in February, Google today launched its official Android for Work app in the Play Store.

The new Android for Work app supports many of the same features that were announced a couple of months ago, including secure email, calendar, and contacts, access to work-approved apps, and more. Your business’ IT staff can handle all of the work data on employee devices, and Android for Work helps to keep a user’s personal and work data separate and secure.


So what’s so different about this Android for Work app and the program that Google announced back in February? Not much, really, save for the fact that this app works with devices running Android 4.0 through 4.4. Android for Work’s features are built into Android 5.0, so folks on Lollipop needn’t worry about installing this app. If you’re running a 4.x version of Android, though, you can now get Android for Work and get the same enterprise features as your Lollipop-equipped friends.

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