Android 5.0 updates for T-Mobile Xperia Z3, Xperia Z1s get one step closer to release

Ever since it launched in February, T-Mobile’s software updates tracker has helped to answer the “Where’s my ________ update?” questions of T-Mo customers. Now it’s brought some good news for anyone rocking a T-Mobile Xperia Z3 or Z1s.

T-Mobile says that the Android 5.0 updates for the Sony Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z1s have now entered the “T-Mobile Testing” stage of their update process. That’s the second of the three stages, coming after “Manufacturer Development” and before “Completed,” which means that both updates are nearly ready to prime time.

T-Mobile hasn’t made any announcements about when these Lollipop updates will actually begin rolling out to users, but they’re definitely getting close. There’s also no word on what goodies they’ll contain, but the international Z3 received features like a Material Design-ified user interface and support for storing apps on the microSD card when it got bumped up to Android 5.0, and so we wouldn’t be surprised to see similar features hit the T-Mobile-branded Z3.

Stay tuned and we’ll let you know when these updates actually begin their rollouts.

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