All Project Fi invitations should go out by mid-summer, says Google

Google may have started sending invitations to Project Fi earlier this month, but it could be a while before all of us get accepted into the service.

Google is now sending emails out to everyone that’s requested an invite to Project Fi to update them on the status of the rollout. The company explains that it’s sending invites out as quickly as it can, but that it’s also trying to ensure a quality experience for its users. Given the number of Project Fi invite requests that it’s gotten so far, Google estimates that it’ll be “mid-summer” before everyone that wants an invite will get one. The good news is that Google will soon launch a tool that’ll let you check the status of your invite.

Google has shown in the past that it’s not afraid of doing a slow rollout for its new services, like it did with Inbox recently. Because Project Fi is a new wireless service that uses two cellular networks and Wi-Fi for connectivity, it’s no surprise that Google wants to take its time with the rollout to ensure that the service works smoothly before rolling it out to everyone. And hey, soon we’ll have a tool that we can use to keep tabs on our invite and refresh every five minutes, hoping for progress!

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