4.8 Amp TYLT RIBBN Car Charger Review

Way back at the CES in January 2015, TYLT announced the 4.8 Amp RIBBN Car Charger, an obvious update to TYLT’s popular BAND charger. However, it only just recently become available for us to purchase, play with, and keep our devices charged and happy. TYLT sent us a RIBBN in our Android and Me favorite hue of green. We gave it a go and have some thoughts for you on TYLT’s latest mobile accessory.


The Good

I love the way TYLT designs their products. I like the bright colors, sharp shapes, and bold designs, and the RIBBN is no exception. The power outlet in your car is cylindrical? Mine too! But that doesn’t stop TYLT from making their car charger square. Why not?!? In short, the RIBBN is a car charger. It has a built in cable that comes in two varieties: a microUSB cable (awesome) or Apple Lightning cable (lame) for $10 more. The cable is 3 ft long and flat, making it “non-tangling” and “hassle free.” I don’t have a huge issue with tangling cables, but if you do, you’re in luck with the RIBBN. The TYLT RIBBN also has a USB port so that two devices can be charged at the same time. It has a 4.8 Amp circuit, so it can deliver over 2 amps to both devices for decent charge rates for your phone or tablet while cruising in your vehicle.

Here are some bullets that sum up the awesome:RIBBN charging

  • TYLT’s colors are always rad (comes in green, blue, red, and black)
  • Flashy design
  • 4.8 Amp circuit
  • Charges two devices simultaneously
  • Built in three-foot “non-tangling” ribbon cable

The Bad

My only complaint is the price, but if you are familiar with TYLT’s product line, that shouldn’t come by surprise. The TYLT RIBBN will run you $39.99 for the microUSB option and $49.99 for the Lightning cable. It’s probably hard for some people to get excited about the RIBBN when the best-selling chargers on Amazon are much cheaper and offer nearly identical specs. Also, while the RIBBN has yet to tangle on me, I found it a little difficult to manage the cable when not in use. I like to loop and tie up my cables for neat storage, and the ribbon cable isn’t easy to neatly tie up. A wishlist of mine would be some built in velcro or something for cable storage management.

Here are two bullets to sum up the bummer:

  • Price ($39.99 for microUSB)
  • Cable management for storage

So, there you have it. The 4.8 Amp TYLT RIBBN Car Charger. As per the norm with TYLT, you’re buying a name, a unique and flashy design, a 1-year warranty (even if it’s not on the RIBBN’s product page), and you’re buying a quality product that comes with a higher price. You can pick up the TYLT RIBBN directly from TYLT now.

What are your thoughts on the TYLT RIBBN? Are you in the market for a killer car charger? Do you already have one you’re stoked on? Let us know by commenting below!

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